A many thanks and happy new year

As we begin 2014, my heart is filled with anticipation of what this year holds.

We are thrilled to be in the last stages of our home study. Once this is completed, our social worker, will write up our huge file that includes everything there is to know about us and it can be sent to Haiti to be translated.

As Brad and I celebrated Christmas this year our hearts were heavy with a longing to be with our Haitian children. We wondered what they were doing and did they receive a present or a special Christmas meal? I want to bypass all the legal steps in this adoption and just be with my children. As my patience grows thin and I long to be with them God is reminds me that His hand is on this process. He is with my children when I cannot be. He is working out the details as we continue this process step by step.

We want to say a huge thank you to those that have been praying for us, encouraging us, giving your time to help us fundraise, and donating money to help bring these children home. We are so thankful to be surrounded by people who are investing their time and resources into our lives. Bless you!