where we are at

The past few months have gone by so fast and I am so sorry there has not been a more recent update! A few things have happened in our journey that we want to share with you.

1. We are finished the paperwork and interviews for British Columbia.

2. We are almost done our international paperwork that gets translated and sent to Haiti.

3. Part 1 of Canada Citizenship & Immigration paperwork is complete and now we wait for approval and the go ahead to stage 2.

4. Recently something truly amazing has happened in our family through our friends, Jackie and Todd. In February a 47 foot Bayliner caught on fire at one of the marinas in Campbell River. The boat was beyond repair and the owners were paid a settlement for it. The boat sat in dry dock covered in plastic. Todd took an interest after seeing it and knew that this boat had some salvageable parts that could be sold. He and Jackie approached us and another family, who are also adopting, about the idea of salvaging this boat in order to make money for our adoptions! We wrote a letter to the insurance company and told them that we wanted to salvage the boat for adoption fundraising.  The insurance company agreed and sold it to us for a $1.  One Dollar! We couldn’t believe that we just bought a boat for a loonie (for you Americans – the one dollar coin in Canada has a loon on it, hence the nickname). The next thing we knew the boat was being hauled to Todd and Jackie’s where there is space enough to work on it. This boat has brought our 3 families together in a way I never imagined. We have shared food, laughter, and dirty sooty hands while we clean up bits of this and that to be sold.
We knew when we walked into this adoption process this was a walk by faith. By no means did we have the financial bank statements to make this happen but with God’s gentle hand guiding us to make this step we have been blown away by His awesome provision. Through this burned boat we are closer to bringing our children home!


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