What is happening…

As it is the middle of August already I can’t believe we are nearing the end of summer. As much as I love the warm weather, lazy mornings, playing in the sand, and visiting with friends there is a part of me that looks forward to our scheduled routine in the school year.

In our adoption world we have now officially hit the time called “WAITING”.  I don’t like to wait.. never have.. never will.  So now that I am being called to wait and wait and then wait some more God is molding me, preparing me and teaching me.  We are waiting for THAT phone call.  The phone call that will change our lives.  The phone call that says “We have a match for you..”

Until then our paperwork is in Haiti and is in the hands of some amazing people who are working on our behalf to bring our children home to our family. One thing that has amazed me through this process is how many people and man hours it takes to adopt a child.  People often ask us “Why does it cost so much to adopt?”  Until being in the process I didn’t quite understand myself.  Now I understand.  It takes a village to bring a child home to their adoptive family and that village needs to be paid for their work.  There is a person behind each step of the process.  At each step there is a person working on your behalf and that person also has a family to feed.  Brad & I extend a heart full of thankfulness to each of those who have had to phone, fax, mail, visit, file on our behalf.  We truly have no words to express our gratitude.  Thank you.

In the meantime, we continue to make jam to sell and collect cans/bottles to cash in at the recycling depot.  Raspberry, peach, and blackberry jam have filled our pantry and cans are coming in by the bag full.  Every little bit adds up and we truly appreciate all the support.

So, my future children, hold on a bit longer.. we are getting close to holding you.