We are coming upon the two year mark of when we started the adoption journey. TWO YEARS. Looking back I thought for sure we would have been in a different place by now. They say an international adoption can take between 18 months and 5 years before completion. I secretly hoped and prayed we would not be the family that took 5 years. I wanted it to be as quick as possible and get my children home. I HAD a plan of how the journey was going to happen.

But two years later we continue to wait and I have painfully learned that its not about MY plan, MY time or MY journey. Are we closer? Yes, we are. Are things happening? Yes, they are. Just not as fast I would like it too. But then, this isn’t about what I want. Its about putting my faith in God and trusting HIM step by step, day by day and minute by minute. Knowing, that He will bring us together in His time, not my own.

But sometimes, just sometimes I get weary.

I have grown weary. Sometimes its hard to keep going when it feels like its never going to happen. To persevere and keep going. To trust that God really knows what He is doing and His plan is always made perfect. Someone told me recently “Leah, you are right where God wants you”.

I am. I am right here for a reason and haven’t become a mamma to these sweet children yet for a reason.

And then after I have laid down my weariness before Him, He lifts me up. He instills me a joy that I know only comes from Him. He carries me step by step, day by day and minute by minute. Then I remember this journey is not my journey, it is His. His plan. His work. We will become a family in His perfect timing not my own.

Thank you for listening and hearing my heart. Its so easy to share the joys of a journey and for some reason so hard to share the not-so-easy times. We will keep you updated with news as soon as we know. But right now please pray for our team in Haiti who continues to work to bring our children home. Thank you.

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  1. Oh Leah, I hear you….and love you. Praying that we both get to hold our babies soon <3

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