the notebook

I wanted to share with you where we are at in the next step in this huge process!

We are in the midst of being matched with a social worker (hopefully in our own town).  Due to shortage of social workers and demand of their work we may have to travel to Victoria.  Once this match is made we can begin our relationship with him/her.  As we begin our journey with a social worker I have to admit there are butterflies in the stomach.  Someone whom I don’t know will be asking  questions about who we are, what we believe, what our background looks like, what our strengths and weaknesses are and hopefully in the end will tell us we are capable, sane people!!!  After that with fingers crossed we will  be approved and able to proceed to the next step!

Until then we proceed with “The Notebook”.

This is a notebook that contains our education portion that we have to complete.  Pages and pages of what we might have to deal with when our adoptive children become part of our family.  Trauma, abuse, alcohol/drug exposure, sickness etc.  It can be overwhelming reading all of the issues that surround this but we have to face it/deal with it/ and learn how to handle it.  There are fleeting seconds that this notebook is overwhelming but then I close my eyes and dream of those little hands that I will one day hold and then I know its so worth it.

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  1. Nicole

    you are blogging! How did I not know this? I signed up for the RSS feed but I prefer them directly to my inbox, insteed of a feed folder do you have any suggestions for me?

    • leah

      We are! So, I really have no idea what you just asked me! Its like reading spanish … My techy guru friend who helped set up our blog is coming over tomorrow and I will ask her what you just asked!

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