the notebook

I wanted to share with you where we are at in the next step in this huge process!

We are in the midst of being matched with a social worker (hopefully in our own town).  Due to shortage of social workers and demand of their work we may have to travel to Victoria.  Once this match is made we can begin our relationship with him/her.  As we begin our journey with a social worker I have to admit there are butterflies in the stomach.  Someone whom I don’t know will be asking  questions about who we are, what we believe, what our background looks like, what our strengths and weaknesses are and hopefully in the end will tell us we are capable, sane people!!!  After that with fingers crossed we will  be approved and able to proceed to the next step!

Until then we proceed with “The Notebook”.

DSC_5320 DSC_5317

This is a notebook that contains our education portion that we have to complete.  Pages and pages of what we might have to deal with when our adoptive children become part of our family.  Trauma, abuse, alcohol/drug exposure, sickness etc.  It can be overwhelming reading all of the issues that surround this but we have to face it/deal with it/ and learn how to handle it.  There are fleeting seconds that this notebook is overwhelming but then I close my eyes and dream of those little hands that I will one day hold and then I know its so worth it.

A Child’s Faith

There are moments in day to day life that I am touched by someone’s kindness. A hug when I am feeling sad, a meal when I have no energy to cook, a card of encouragement or a phone call to see how I am doing. Recently, I have been deeply touched by a family member’s kindness.

This little person is so excited about our adoption and is working very hard to raise money to help with the cost. Her name is Katie and she is my 7 year old niece. Katie has been working very hard at making bookmarks to sell to raise money to bring her cousins home.

Her child like faith has touched my heart deeply.

She heard of a need to raise money and her heart had compassion.

She created something to make and sell.

Her little heart has touched many around her and I am so grateful to call her my niece. Thank you Katie. I love you.







The beginning of the adoption journey can seem so daunting. The “what-ifs” play in and out of your mind like a broken record. What if we mess this up? What if God is asking us to parent a child with special needs? What if we are looked at as strange by family and friends? What if our biological child resents us for what we feel called to do? What if we really can’t afford this?

As these thoughts and questions cloud my judgement I am reminded to be still before Him.

To seek His face and remember that He has placed this desire on our hearts.

To seek His will not my own.

To seek what He wants not what I want.

To seek those that are lost and orphaned.

With open hands we send our application away. Filled with a peace only from Him knowing that He has fought the fight for us.

The journey has officially started …


I want to begin this blog by saying thank you for stopping by.  As we share our life of parenting, adoption, homeschooling, recipes and home projects.  My hope is that you will feel inspired and encouraged.  So we begin…